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Master Key Program 

Individual Personal Development

Whether you are led by internal or external motivations for Coaching, you must be willing to transform yourself to create lasting changes.  It's an inside job.  Here you will find focus, clarity, and step by step direction.  A goal oriented 6 week program designed to rocket ship you to achieving your goals.  Discover The Master Key to unlocking thought as creative energy and power, and BECOME the "Master Key" to your own success.   Thoughts turn to things.  Here you will become clear on what you want and get an analysis of your flawed thought patterns AND fears that prevent you from attaining it today.  You will design new thought patterns to best pair with your newest dreams.  Habitual thoughts turn into belief systems.  Belief systems require upgrades to match your newest desires.   You wouldn't install IOS13 on an IPhone 4, they are not compatible.  If it's time to upgrade your hard drive to receive the most current software, you have come to the right technician.  This program is designed for the person who wishes to grow quickly in their relationships, career, finances & creativity.


Couples Master Key

Love, Romance & Sex

Love is the great harmonizer and healer.  Love is the essence of Being that binds together the whole human family.  Everything about love is interesting.  In particular, activated romantic love is most interesting.  It is so intoxicating when we are actively in love with another person due to high levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and related hormones that we feel giddy, energetic and even euphoric.  Romantic chemistry with another human feels so good.  Can we maintain this in long term relationships?  To different degrees:  YES!  It will take some work though, for sure.  

Break frustrating cycles, overcome power struggles, heal resentment, rediscover strengths, build trust and communication skills, share the work, and reconnect in the realm of romance, love and sex. 

Long term relationships can be a mirror of our insecurities, fears and expectations.  Discover the hidden desires and fears that drive your behavior in relationships.  Create new language, boundaries, and understanding of yourself and your partner. 

I have created a 6 week program for couples that is highly focused and goal oriented.   I will help you to find the Master Key to unlock the doors to true vulnerability, trust, intimacy and love.  We are on this earth to experience love in the physical and to truly share it.  It's the best experience we can have!  Strengthen and renew the bond that attracts you together to experience this pure joy again.  

Legal Aid

Master Key For Business

Your Career Means So Much

Do you own a small business or want to?  Do you want to move to the next level and scale your current business? Are you looking for change in your current career?  Are you in a rut and want big things but are unclear of what?  Do you have passions you would like to turn into a career?  Do you have a desire for wealth, power and freedom?  You're not alone.  I will help you to foster the intrinsic motivation already deeply rooted in your Mind.  Through Motivational Interviewing techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and helping you to understand what drives you, we will shift how you see yourself, your business, your industry and internally shift everything to get your power back into alignment.  Your fearful thoughts are blocking your creativity and forward momentum.  You will come to intuitively know solutions to problems that used to baffle you.  You will have a step by step action plan before we are finished for greatly increasing your earnings and feeling fulfilled and happy in your work.  Discover the Master Key for unlocking the internal doors that stand in your way.

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Master Key Sessions are 6 weeks

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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