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In 2005, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and completed my post graduate work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Since 2008,  I have been a Licensed Psychotherapist gaining clinical experience in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community mental health agencies, domestic violence crisis shelters, college campuses and in private practice. I am a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and as an Integrative Medicine Practitioner.  In 2017, I founded the Love Your Life Wellness Center, LLC where I collaborate with healers of many different modalities to offer clients a wide range of growth opportunities. 

In addition to my near 2 decades of professional training and experience, I can tune into people's unseen field to find blocks and desires that may be hidden to them.  This ability sets me far apart from other clinical experts and intuitively guides my work to help you live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  

Source flows in force within me while being grounded in the magic of earth to help you to raise your level of consciousness and rewire your mind to help you to remember who you are and stand in your TRUE power.  If you feel stuck, tired, unmotivated, directionless, lost, confused, or lonely I am sure you are spilling out energy and power without awareness.  Giving it away at times for free.  I can see, hear and feel all of your energetic dysfunctions and weak points and help you reconstruct. 

Working with me is not always easy and at times can be very painful because I will reflect back to you what you are holding.  These items must be faced and dealt with to truly move forward and elevate your experience here on earth.    

Through coaching, teaching, mentoring, guiding and working with your energy to upgrade you on every level, we will move quickly through what takes a conventional therapist years (if ever) to move through.  We will move through years of the "medical model program".... in 6 weeks...and take you much deeper and farther in your personal growth development which will bring you more Peace, Love, Joy and Money then you have ever experienced in your life thus far. I guarantee this. 

Who am I?  I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience and so are you.  I am God Consciousness (Source) and I see you as pure God Consciousness.  I help you to see YOU too... and from that place, you can begin your major transformation towards embodying Love, Peace, Wealth and Satisfaction within every area of your life. 



Raise Your Consciousness

Reconnect You With Who You Truly Are

Reflect Back To You All That You Carry

Chart A Route to Freedom & Power

Raise Your Consciousness & Vibrational Frequencies To Easily Attract Big Money, Love, Joy and Fulfilment.

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